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This is a book about the reality of salvation. There is much confusion as to how the salvation process takes place. Happy Riches uses scripture throughout and ensures that as many verses possible are shown within their context so the reader can see the truth. Too many people take a verse out of context and this becomes the pretext by which they then are able to twist the truth of the scriptures and many are deceived.  

The reader is taken through what the Bible says about being saved by grace, saved by faith and the process of salvation. This is a book of biblical theology even though systematic theology is discussed when addressing this subject, otherwise known as soteriology, the study of the salvation process. This is a must have book for every Christian who desires to know the salvation process, as it provides a condensed treatment of the subject that enables to the reader to come away knowing that they know the truth and will not be caught up in the deceptions of the devil and philosophies of men. 

Many people are of the belief that God created evil. Those who claim that God created evil and also created men and women for no other reason but to have them live on Earth and then have them thrown into eternal torment are guilty of blasphemy. To say that God created is evil is the same as saying good is evil, which is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit, the only sin that is not forgivable.  

God is not the author of sin. If anybody says that God is the author of sin and you believe him or her, then you are not going to finding your name in the book of life. The Bible clearly teaches that sin originated with the Devil. If you are to find eternal salvation, you need to realize that God created you in His own image and has given you the capacity to reason with Him.  

We are saved by grace through faith in Lord Jesus Christ. If you do not believe this and claim that the Bible is the Word of God, and you reject the very scriptures, which say that unless you come to Jesus and exercise obedience of faith towards God, then you will find yourself numbered among the hypocrites. This book is an engaging dismantling of those teachings that are taught as propositional truths but in fact are lies of the devil.  

In looking at the process of salvation, Happy Riches not only looks at various theological views but also includes what God has shown him. Happy Riches knows the joy of salvation because he is saved by grace through faith in Lord Jesus Christ and has been baptized in the Holy Spirit.  

If you are not sure about how the salvation process works, after reading this book, you will have no doubts about the true reality of being saved by grace through faith in Lord Jesus Christ.

Exodus Mountain of God


172 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1502424198 ISBN-10: 1502424193

 Religion / Christian Ministry / Discipleship

Some people do not believe the devil exists. Happy Riches has had a vision of Lucifer himself, but he did not look like anything most people describe. He was resplendent. His face possessed perfect symmetry. The nose was the remarkable difference. However, this book is not about Lucifer, it is about overcoming the devil, and there are many devils, for he has many helpers.

If you genuinely desire to overcome the devil and the evil elements that have affected your life from the past, the keys that you will find inside this book will help you. They work. They are proven. In fact, every Christian needs to overcome the devil if they are to receive what the Lord Jesus Christ promises them. According to the Bible, those who do not overcome are to be spewed out of the mouth of the Jesus. Only overcomers are going to receive the crown of life and have access to the throne of Grace. Many think over wise. They believe they can sin because they are forgiven. Yet when you read the Bible, sin begets sin. Unless you stop sinning and start walking in God’s ways and thinking God’s thoughts, you are not going to be an overcomer.

Many people quote some of what is written in the book of Isaiah about whether the ways and thoughts they have are God’s ways. They say there is hear is deceitful. Yet when you read the context of those verses, you will find that these are not references to those who have forsaken their ways, but a reference to those who have not forsaken their ways. For God puts a new heart in people to replace that old deceitful heart, so people can think the thoughts that belong to God and walk in the ways that glorify their Creator. This book will instruct you how this is possible and what you need to do to draw close to God and receive the reward that God has for you.

If you want an exciting life, where you find yourself experiencing God’s presence every day and able to bring glory to His Name, then you need to know how to overcome the devil.

Exodus Mountain of God

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