Happy Riches Getting Ready
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book 4

190 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1503266148

ISBN-10: 1503266141

Religion / Christian Life / Personal Growth

The Bible teaches that if we believe that Jesus is the Son of God and place our trust in Him we will be saved. However, the Bible also teaches much more than a superficial hope is available for those who truly desire to know the truth and desire to be set free from sin and its effects. This book highlights heresies and blockages in people’s theology and thinking that prevent them from obtaining the blessings that are rightfully theirs if they walk with the Lord God.

Many people like to divide the Bible into different dispensations and authoritatively make claims about matters that are actually false and the evil one uses this to prevent Christians from entering into the blessings that are theirs in Lord Jesus Christ. Ten Heresies, which are common demonic strongholds that become obstacles in returning to the Lord of the Blessings, are dismantled within this book. More than this, using Scripture, Happy Riches clearly demonstrates that the Old Testament and the New Testament are part of the same Gospel message. The same Word of God that was good for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is as authoritative today as it was when first expressed and delivered to the patriarchs.

If you want to truly get real with God and understand how faith works, reading this book will not disappoint you. You will learn the secret of the firstborn and the reasons why this is a key teaching in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. This book will put you on track, so that you can take control of your life, return to God and enter into the blessings that satisfy.

As with all of Happy Riches books, each book has a different focus and you will learn insights to God’s truths that are not to be found elsewhere. Return to the blessings of God and be set free.

256 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1495971501

ISBN-10: 1495971503

Religion / Christian Theology / General

Before you read this book, you really need to read Happy Riches other books, especially the Only Words Written By The Finger Of God. This is an advanced book in many respects because it covers aspects of spiritual life that are not to be found elsewhere.

Beginning by demonstrating the reasons people have become blind and using Richard Dawkins and Cheryl Blair to demonstrate the superficiality of their thinking, although many like to think they are heavyweights, the reader is then taken through feast of spiritual thought that requires much deliberation.

Beginning with how overcomers are to be those who form the Bride of Christ when Lord Jesus returns to rule Earth, you will be shown how the father of lies has through the ages attempted to thwart the plan of God, and how he is attempting to do this today. Your spiritual eyes will be opened to truths you have not seen, even though they may have right before your very eyes. You will come to understand the reason for knowledge but the greater importance of experiencing the relationship that God desire with all His subjects. The power of the Pentecost is not overlooked and you will grasp a much greater appreciation of what this means for you today.

Religion is very much misunderstood today. People see religion as just some belief system based on a few assumptions. Reading this book, you will come to understand the heart of true religion. You will learn why you need to establish your own identity within God’s Creation. You will learn how the salvation record is tracked from Abraham down to the present day Christian. Many misunderstandings and misconceptions will be cleared up as you learn the truth about the genealogical record and what it means for you. You will learn what is required in working out your salvation and how you can bring forth the fruit that counts. Most of all, you will learn the reason why you need to testify and the power that is inherent within a testimony that comes from living a life of victory.

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