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How To Have An Effective Bible Study could also be entitled how to run a successful Bible Study.

Bible studies in a home fellowship format of between three to six people are the key means by which people can be grounded in the body of Christ.

One of the major problems in the lives of many people who profess Jesus Christ is their lack of commitment to the Heavenly calling. Primarily this can be put down to a lack of knowledge about what it truly means to become a Christian. An effective Bible Study remedies many of the problems in the lives of those who attend Church, by enabling the Word of God to take root and grow within their hearts.

The methodology advocated within this book empowers believers to do more as Christians. Believers are able to get a much greater understanding of what it means to be a Christian and relate to other members of the Body of Christ by sharing in an intimate context within a safe environment. More than this the methods of communication that are espoused by those using this methodology translate into better social skills, because the environment is cultivated for the love of God to move in the power of the Holy Spirit and uplift the participants of the small group Bible Study into new levels of expression.

The aim of the book is to provide guidelines for leaders of small group Bible Studies to effectively communicate to participants and encourage them to grow in the grace and knowledge of Lord Jesus Christ through the means of revelation through the Holy Spirit working within them. Moreover, those who have completed a course of Bible Study of the caliber of, say, "The Milk of the Word", will be more likely to desire running a small group Bible Study themselves, and feel confident in doing so.

The aim of this book is guide readers in conducting a Bible Study that will encourage reluctant participants to grow in the WORD OF GOD, while at the same time provide some direction as to handle those who place tickets on themselves. Those who have a high opinion of themselves will be enlightened, as the leader who practices the principles within this method of Bible Study is able to bring the best out of them by demonstrating the servant heart of a genuine Spirit-filled leader. Most of all, the aim of this book is to bring glory to God and ignite a greater desire for people to appreciate the benefits of the salvation that has been provided for them by our Heavenly Father through the death and resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ in the power and fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

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This Bible Study ought to be the first one that every Christian should complete before looking at any other study material, as this provides what is known as the milk of the word. Without a thorough understanding of the underlying principles contained within the Ten Commandments which were the only words written by the finger of God, a Christian is undernourished. Many people think that the Ten Commandments are shallow, but when you do this study, you will realize why most Christians waiver in their faith, and others fail to run the race. There are numerous passages in the Bible that suggest that the Ten Commandments are to be written on every Christian’s heart—but can you quote them.

If you do not know the Ten Commandments, then you need to do this study. In both the Old and New Testament, these truths are supposed to be written on every true Christian's heart.

This study is fantastic for small groups (3-6 participants) and helps bring out the realization of what it means to be a child of God, as a group gathers and works its way through each scripture, beginning with the introduction.

This study is ideal for both private study and covers the Ten Commandments from a New Testament perspective. However, maximum benefit is gained from group discussion. All the scriptures contained within are predominately taken from the World English Bible, but profit can be gained by comparing other versions. This is a solid Bible Study that covers both the New and Old Testaments and provides an in-depth look into each topic, including the reasons for studying the Ten Commandments. Not only will you be amazed at the depth of this study, but also you will be richly rewarded for having feasted on the Milk of the Word.

This study complements the book "The Only Words Written By The Finger Of God", which is a comprehensive look at the Decalogue from today’s perspective. Much profit is gained if the person leading a group study on the Milk of the Word reads the corresponding chapter in the The Only Words Written By The Finger Of God.

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