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 Religion / Christian Church / Leadership

Jesus said that we would know those who belong to Him by their fruits. Jesus compared grapes with thorns and figs with thistles to illustrate what to expect from false prophets and teachers. Yet many hucksters have sold their brand of religion to the gullible looking for something better in life. Instead of discovering the truth that enables them to be set free, they were taken in only to see these superstars, in whom they had placed their hopes, fall like lightning.

Religion is filled with many who Jesus also called the darnel, which looks like the real thing, but when put to the test, they produce thorns instead of grapes and thistles instead of figs. Then there are the wolves that come across as sheep, but inside are ravenous creatures deserving of the eternal punishment that will be theirs because they prey on the innocent and pervert the name of God.

This book will provide you with insights as to what the good fruit really is. The twelve fruit that every Christian should produce in their lives, if they are to be victorious are canvassed, so you too can know what you should be seeking God to produce in your life, as well as what you should expect in the lives of those who claim they have been anointed or appointed of God.

You will have not read the information in this book before when it comes to the twelve fruits identified within the Bible that Christians should possess and demonstrate within their lives. This book goes further, discusses how a person is transformed, and looks at the emotional and attitudinal disposition of God’s personality and how this ought to be manifest in every Christian leader.

Many people read self-help books in the hope of getting a better understanding of how to succeed. Christians need to understand the fruits by which they are to be known. This way the genuine are easily identifiable from the counterfeit.

After reading this, as with all books written by Happy Riches, who will find that this is a significant reference book, that you will read many times. Much scripture is used. But understanding how the Lord God produces fruit in a person’s life and how you can glorify your Heavenly Father in the power of the Holy Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ puts you ahead of the pack. Within knowing what is needed, you are at a disadvantage. By reading this book, you find yourself taking control of your life as you work out your salvation, as you allow God to work in your life, both to will and work for His good pleasure and your edification.

There have been many books written on the fruit of the Spirit, but after reading this, if you realize that this does not come from a person who has a superficial knowledge of God, but from someone who has an intimate knowledge of what the Lord Jesus Christ requires in His people.

Many books have been written on the fruit of the Spirit, but none would have enlightened you to the extent of this one.

262 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1496184566

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Religion / Biblical Studies / General

How To Get Powerful Results From Prayer

The Secret Psychology of Our Lord's Prayer Finally Revealed: When you read this secret, you are going to be asking yourself why this is not taught in theological seminaries and Bible colleges. The reason is theologians have not discovered it, yet.

How Faith Really Works

The Only Time God Addresses a Nation: The implications of this outweigh anything else in the history of all the nations.

Why The Creator is a Jealous God: The jealousy of God is a misunderstood concept, but once you understand the truth, you will be glad the Lord God is jealous.

Two Princes of Darkness: Many people think that Lucifer the light-giver is the Prince of Darkness. The Bible reveals two more princes of darkness that provide light on many more.

The Truth about the Birth of Jesus: Was the Son of God in the Womb of Mary, or was the Birth of Jesus different to other humans. 

The Great Cosmic Struggle: Star Wars has nothing on this struggle, the powers involved are all consuming.

Clinical Death vs Death: People are dying and are being bought back to life by medicinal technology, but will they live forever.

The Truth about the Days of Creation: Huge divisions occur within Christian circles over something so obvious;yet it is hard to believe how people could be so ignorant. This truth alone is worth every penny you have.

The Real Significance of the Jewish Jubilee: If you thought that the Jewish Jubilee was over and done with, think again, there is something marvelous to come.

The True Psychological Makeup of Men and Women: Everybody wants to know this, yet it is clearly stated in the Bible with many supporting scriptures, yet complicated minds somehow miss this truth which you will see for yourself is so obvious.

A Model for Feminists to Aspire: Feminists all over the world are grappling with issues for which they need a role model. There is one within the Bible in a place you would least expect.

What Faith Abuse Really Is: Too often we hear of faith abuse but what is it really? How could it possibly affect you?

Why Physical and Moral Breakdown is Inevitable: Cell death is assumed to be a solely physical phenomenon, but there are definitely non-physical factors involved.

The Genetic Marker and Levirate Marriage: Every male carries a genetic marker, which holds more significance than Jews and Christians realize.

Divorce and Remarriage: One of the stickiest problems for families these days is blended families and family reunions, however, you will be amazed about what God really has to say about the matter.

How The Public Purse is Plundered: This will open your eyes like never before, and you thought you knew.

Why Criminals Need a Healthy Society: A simple truth to which people in the know like to turn a blind eye, but now you will also know, and the more who know, the merrier.

How Big Government Kills Capitalism: Capitalism is said by socialists to be the scourge of society. You will find out why Western governments want to kill it off.

The Truth about the Twilight Society: Just when you thought everything was black and white, you are about to discover how you are affected by the twilight society.

How the Boundaries of Habitation Have Been Set: This is something historians would love to know, and they could if they knew where to look.

What Angels and Bacteria Have in Common: When you know this truth, your horizons will broaden.

Who Angels are and Why We Need a Heavenly Advocate: This is probably the most overlooked truth in all of Christendom, yet it is clearly evident in the Bible.

Why Animals Have a Soul but Not a Spirit: Once you understand this truth, you will be ready to claim the promise God gives to all who are overcomers.

When Jesus Christ will Return: How many times have you heard people set dates for the return of Jesus? The truth is revealed and you will be amazed what the Bible really says.

...And much, more!

This book is a banquet that provides answers to the big questions.

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